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Words from our past customers that know us best....

"....FCS did a great job organizing our project and handling our needs from start to finish.  We encountered many delays at no fault to FCS but they helped us find the most effective solutions to minimize the impact to the schedule. Their knowledge about the aircraft and process was priceless when it came time to work through the snags we had. They stepped up to offer additional training and guidance at no additonal cost. They operate with integrity and followed through with their committments every step of the way. We look forward to working with them again soon with our upcoming aircraft.."

        Boeing 737-200, part 135 operation, International Delivery

"....We have relied on FCS for years. Initially they were not the cheapest company we found but we quickly learned you get what you pay for. We tried to save some money with the competition but soon learned we made the wrong choice. After the competition failed to deliver as promissed we called FCS back and they took over the project, fixed all the mistakes and quickly brought us our aircraft. Since then we have relied on them for several deliveries and are very satisfied with their services...."

        Multiple King Airs, Part 135 operation, Domestic and International Deliveries

"... We would no question use this company again. We encountered many unexpected mechanical and paperwork delays. This caused the delivery to stretch out 4 months longer than planned. FCS did a great job assisting us through the issues and providing us the resources we required to get this job done from outside the country! They were very fair with their rates and we no doubt got more than we paid for. We look forward to the next delivery...."

        Cessna 421 owner, International Delivery

"...FCS was great to work with. Not only did they help me solve unexpected issues with my aircraft but they also took the time to guide me through the entire process from start to finish. The other companies I interviewed wanted to hire 3rd party companies to handle the ferry tank and HF installations. FCS handled everything under one roof. This made a big difference as I did not have to coordinate multiple vendors or worry about who would be to blame if something were to go wrong. It made the entire process more efficient and enjoyable from a customer perspective. They stayed on top of all the project details and it was great to not be passed back and forth between different vendors..."

       Happy Cessna 210 owner, Domestic Delivery

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One of our latest projects was the outfitting of the Citizen of the World, Turbo Commander for a Pole to Pole RTW flight.  


Boeing 737-200s Hawaii to Taiwan and return every couple of months for heavy maintenance. 


Cheyenne 400LS also from Osaka to PA. USA, Cessna 340 being prepared to go to Perth Australia.