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With well over 46 years of continuous service experience we will work hard to meet your needs and provide tailored service for your airplane and for your operation. 


Let us work with you to provide the best plan to compete your mission.  We have many excluside customers that rely on our ability to facilitate their missions. We have many referals where we have been able to complete customer missions, quickly, effeciently and safely.

What makes us different

HONESTY, INTEGRITY and a COMMITTMENT to provide the best customer experience possible! We pride ourselves in being a ONE STOP SHOP with over 46 years of experience in the ferry business! We personally handle all aspects of the delivery from the quotation, tanking, HF installation, flying to the final delivery and returning the aircraft to normal service.  Integrity and striving to always do the right thing for our clients is our goal to deliver the best results possible.  We coordinate everything so it's seemless and you have one point of contact to the final delivery. We are experienced in all types of aircraft from Cubs to heavy jets.

About the office

Who we are

With over 46 years of  experience! Our superior knowledge and experience allows us to efficiently and effectively handle any challenge that arises during the delivery process. We have unsurpassed knowledge and experience for all types of aircraft...gennies to jets! We provide ferry fuel system installations, aircraft deliveries and crew mentoring and training, along the way or at the destination. The President, Fred Sorenson has over 54 years of aviation experience with over 45000 hours. ATP/CFI AI MEI, AP/IA, oversees the flight operations and customer service. 

Our team

What we offer

Our scope of services is very broad including tanking, HF installation, flight planning, professional and experienced pilots with personalized customer service. We can assist you with the delivery or export of any aircraft WORLDWIDE!  We can provide everything from pre-purchase inspections, annual inspections, maintenance coordination, crew training, crew contracting, aircraft deliveries or recoveries. We provide consulting work for many various flight operations and missions. 

Our scope of services

How we work

We provide all the services you need under one roof with the attention to detail and accountability for all aspects of the job! We offer quality over quantity and your needs will always be our first priority.  Flight Contract Services, Inc., started in Hawaii in 1974.  We have been in continous business, since. We base our success on recommendations from past and current customers.  We have completed some very complex missions including a recent Pole to Pole, round the world trip, by a Turbo Commander. Our pilots are ATP, pilots, with a wide range of "TYPE" experience and ratings, also Instructors, AP/IA mechanics. 


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Latest news


One of our latest projects was the outfitting of the Citizen of the World, Turbo Commander for a Pole to Pole RTW flight.  


Boeing 737-200s Hawaii to Taiwan and return every couple of months for heavy maintenance. 


Cheyenne 400LS also from Osaka to PA. USA, Cessna 340 being prepared to go to Perth Australia.